Pair Program

What is the Pair program?

The Pair program is a FREE automated calling service for users.

The SOMUM Surveillance software, which is the engine of the program, makes the daily calls at a time predetermined by the program managers.

Pair is a daily call service that helps seniors and at-risk individuals living alone feel more secure.

These daily calls are reassuring to subscribers and their families.

Pair is offered by several local organizations across Quebec and was created in 1990. Since its inception, this service has made millions of calls and saved hundreds of people.

How does the Pair Program work?

At the time agreed upon with the managers, the subscriber receives his call.

At the beginning of the call, the system asks the subscriber to confirm that everything is okay by pressing a button. If the subscriber does not answer, the system calls back twice more.

After three unanswered attempts, an alert is triggered and a check is made by an operator with the respondents you identified in the registration form filled out during your subscription.

To avoid false alarms, the subscriber must inform the responsible agency of their absence.


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